Belgian Cupping Championship 2015

First time that someone of Caffe Mundi participated this competition. I (Isabelle, roaster of Cross Roast) was the one selected to go to this cup tasting. The only thing I can say about it that it was a great and interesting experience.

The competition works like this: so you have an own table with 8 sets of 3 coffees. You have to taste and find the odd one out. You would think it is easy but they chose their coffees carefully and put for example 2 Guatemala screen +18 and 1 Guatemala screen + 19. So the difference in taste is very small.

I ended up with 5/8, what is not bad for the first time. I think my nerves and the experience of the other competitors didn’t bring me to the semi finales. The minimum you needed was 6/8 to get through. It was really interesting to watch the other competitors and to learn from their techniques. Everybody was very open about their experiences and it was really nice to discuss the different flavors we tasted during the cup tasting.

Bart, the cup taster of Efico won this competition. He already won the competition in 2008 and on the world championships he was second. He was so fast and knew all the different tastes. It was amazing to watch him during the whole competition. I certainly learned some new skills from him.

Next year I will participate again, this time more prepared and with my two other collegues so they can also experience this amazing competition.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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